Technology and machinery

CNC Laser

Imagine having stainless steel products that are consistently replicated with precision. This is the reality with our cutting-edge manufacturing process using narrow-beam CNC laser, that guarantees uniformity and accuracy every time. When it comes to laser machines, even the smallest details are no match. Whether they require further processing, such as welding, or are finished products, these machines can handle it all. You can trust in the precision and reliability of laser technology for all your manufacturing needs, while keeping it cost-effective.

Press brake

With the press brake, we have the power to bend metal sheets at any angle without compromising their integrity. This means that we can ensure the quality of our metalwork and guarantee that it won’t be ruined in the process. With the power of numerical control, we can effortlessly program a variety of shapes and bending angles, ensuring the seamless production of top-quality stainless steel elements.

Tube bender

High precision, speed, and automatization are extremely useful when it comes to tube bending. Our CNC tube bender is capable of handling tubes up to 50.8 mm in size. This feature is particularly valuable when producing fittings for yachts and handlebars for disabled individuals.

Our machinery and devices

BLM LC 5 Fiber Laser

BLM LC 5 Fiber Laser

Significant parameters:

• sheet metal table size: 3000 mm x 1500 mm
• maximum length of the workpiece cut on the laser for tubes and profiles: 6000 mm
• maximum tube diameter: 120 mm
• maximum side length in closed profile: 100 mm

FLY CUT function
max. thickness of cut material:
• black steel – 15 mm
• stainless steel – 10 mm
• copper – 5 mm
• brass – 6 mm
• aluminium – 10 mm

Press brake CNC safran-darley e-brake 130 T

Press brake
CNC safran-darley e-brake 130 T

Significant parameters:

• pressure: 130T
• bending length: 3060 mm
• number of controlled axes: 6
• press stroke: 300 mm
• deflection compensation system

Pipe bending machine BLM Elect 52

Pipe bending machine BLM Elect 52

Significant parameters:

  • all-electric
  • number of numerically controlled axes: 9
  • maximum diameter of the bent pipe: 50,8
  • usable length of the machine: 6200 mm
  • seam and hole search function
  • spiral bending software
Shining 3D Scanner FreeScan UE PRO Laser 3D

Shining 3D Scanner FreeScan UE PRO Laser 3D

Thanks to the 3D Scanner we can recreate various detailed elements that can later be
produced on CNC machinery.

In addition, we use over 30 machines, including 10 welding machines.

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