Project title:

Securing business continuity and building the resilience of PPHU Topiko Tomasz Łohutko to future health crises

Project Objective:

Securing the continuity of the Applicant’s business in the period of epidemics and introducing changes affecting the building of the company’s resilience to future crises, The implementation of the project will positively affect the activities of the Applicant and will allow the introduction of a new service to the offer and the introduction of changes in the implemented operational, manufacturing, service, sales processes, etc. in connection with building the company’s resilience to future crises, as well as the need to ensure the continuity of work and activities in a period of increased risk in the area of health. The project implements thematic objective 13 Supporting emergency recovery efforts in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its preparation for the green and digital recovery of the economy increasing its resilience.

Total project value:

PLN 613,205.77

Grant value:

PLN 426,252.79

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